Cinema Esoterica is a podcast about the Great Mysteries of life. We believe that the world around us can be understood through the stories we tell and the art we create, and that film is a particularly rich medium for the transmission of complex ideas.

Our primary interests lie in the hidden world of the “esoteric”, and particularly what is often called “the occult”. These are topics frequently dismissed by mainstream thought, only making them more mysterious and interesting.

Each episode explores a different movie, from blockbusters to lesser known cult favourites. Sometimes our discussion follows a linear path, sometimes we tackle the movie as a whole. Our discussion delves into a wide range of subjects including paranormal phenomena, metaphysics, spirituality, magic, consciousness, conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial life, and the nature of reality itself. We have a special penchant for the weird so fans of the X-Files will feel right at home.

Though not required, listeners will likely enjoy the show more if they have seen the movies discussed each in each episode. We have labelled those episodes where this suggestion is particularly pertinent.

Emma Valentiner

Emma is a lifelong enthusiast of pop culture, and is unapologetic about having so many favorites. Currently traversing the American South in an RV, with cat and dog in tow, she brings a little lightness to some of the darker topics covered on Cinema Esoterica. (Her sense of humor can best be summed up by the X-Files season 5 vamp-comedy classic, ‘Bad Blood’.) When not co-hosting the pod, Emma is creating music, out on a run, or extolling the virtues of a great hot-dog-in-a-pretzel-bun.

Ross Noble

The first website Ross ever built as a teenager was a series of information about famous conspiracy theories from the JFK assassination to NASA faking the moon landings. While his understanding of such topics has matured over the years, his interest in alternative ideas has remained potent. And with this podcast, his minor in Cultural Studies and his college job at the local video store can finally be put to good use. When he isn’t reading strange books or disecting films, he’s likely running on a remote trail in the mountains or tinkering with something on his beloved Sprinter van.